Patient Testimonials

I was treated Dr.Chawla recently when I had toothache on a weekend.  She was readily available to address my concerns and was able to see me right away to take care of my needs.  I was pain free almost the very next day after the treatment and have had no issues since!  After a thorough and detailed exam, Dr. Chawla explained all my treatment needs and prioritized them in the order of importance to help me with my schedule and restrictions.  She contacted me right after the treatment was completed to ensure I had no pain or any problems.  I would highly recommend her office for any of your dental needs!
Shama. I, San Jose, CA
Hands down, Dr. Chawla is the best dentist I've ever had!  She's professional, personable and her work is second to none.  I'm sorry she moved out of state.  California is lucky to have her.
Duff Williams, Aurora, CO
We were so fortunate to have had Dr. Chawla for my mother's dentist for a number of years before she left Colorado.  Dr. Chawla  is not only an outstanding  clinician but also a great communicator. 
 She patiently described what she had found and what her concerns were, what options for treatment there  might be as well as the related costs.   
We were impressed not only by her outstanding skill as a dentist but also so  appreciated the fact that she was kind and gentle at all times.  I am honestly not sure that I have ever met a dentist with such a positive spirit.  
Kevin Oltjenbruns, Fort Collins, CO
It had been several years since my last dental visit because of negative experiences, but Dr. Chawla changed all of that for me.  I was impressed by her professionalism in her approach to correct my dental problems.  She was also very personable and she made me feel comfortable and not embarrassed.  She restored my faith in the profession.  If you have a phobia about the dentist, Dr. Chawla will change that for you!
Rose Williams, Aurora, CO
Dr. Chawla is unequaled in the dentistry profession. She was my dentist for about eight years prior to moving to California. She is highly skilled and very professional. I found her to be very caring and "willing to go that extra mile for her patients". My loss is your gain.
H. Lee Ford, Denver, CO
As far as I am concerned, Dr. Chawla is the GREATEST!  I was fearful of every dentist I had in my 67 years of living in the bay area.  When I moved to CO I put off going to a dentist for several more years.  When it became a necessity I happened upon the dental group where Dr. Chawla was working.  She put me at ease, and I never had that "fear" of going to her.  She is very caring and always seemed to have my best interest at heart.  She worked around any problems that I had and was very thorough. 
 There was SO MUCH to correct in my mouth because I had let far too much time lapse,but Dr. Chawla eased me through all of it.  There were impressions to take, etc., which I simply couldn`t handle previously, but she calmly took me through it.  I trust her impeccably. 
 I miss her so much now that she has moved to CA.  But I`m happy for anyone there who might be fortunate enough to have her for your dentist. 

Bettie Dahlager, Aurora, CO
Dr. Chawla is amazing!  I have always been terrified of the dentist ever since I was a child.  I had horrible anxiety at the thought of even going to the dentist.  Dr. Chawla has changed all that.   She is an amazing doctor who treated me with great kindness and NO PAIN.  She has saved my teeth and changed my outlook on going to the dentist.  She is truly one in a million.  Thank you Dr. Chawla.
Anna Stephens, Denver, CO