Root Canal Therapy in Campbell, California

Root canal therapy is carried out as a preventive measure to save an infected tooth from further damage. It is useful in stopping the spread of bacteria to surrounding teeth as well. The treatment consists of the removal of the infected dental pulp in order to restore the strength of teeth. Dental pulp provides nourishment to teeth, making it essential in protecting teeth from incurring damage. Infected dental pulp can cause considerable pain and discomfort which, if not treated in time, might spread to other teeth and gums, causing damage to the entire mouth. The symptoms of infected dental pulp can include:

1.    Swollen gums and swollen facial muscles.
2.    Discoloration of teeth.
3.    Acute pain in the neck, head and jaw.

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms then there might be a possibility that you are suffering from an infected pulp and you might require root canal therapy. The procedure involves drilling through the enamel to remove the infected pulp. Once the infected pulp is removed, the tooth is sealed with gold, porcelain, metal or with dental crown.

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Root Canal Therapy in Campbell, CaliforniaRoot Canal Therapy in Campbell, CA

Root Canal Therapy in CampbellRoot Canal Therapy Campbell, California

Root Canal Therapy Campbell, CA