Full Mouth Restoration in Campbell, CA

Full Mouth Restorations are done to restructure your entire mouth if you have missing, damaged or protruding teeth or specific gum problems. Lotus Dental Group, on Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA provides you with full mouth restorations that aim to effectively resolve several oral health problems. Future complications may arise, stemming from damaged tissues of an unstructured mouth and thus, a treatment may be necessary.

Restorations may require a combination of periodontic and endodontic treatments, dental implants, dental bridges, dental crowns and other dental procedures depending on the seriousness of your problem. Our dentists carry out an in-depth analysis to identify the severity of your oral health problem and then we plan out the most appropriate and comfortable course of treatment whilst considering patients’ input.

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Full Mouth Restoration in CampbellFull Mouth Restoration in Campbell, CA