Tooth Extraction in Campbell, California

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Campbell.

A tooth extraction is performed when damaged or improperly positioned teeth cannot be treated, repaired or corrected. Extracting severely damaged teeth becomes necessary to prevent infection and bacteria from spreading to surrounding teeth, which might lead to a further decay of remaining teeth and gums. An improper oral health care regimen can easily lead to gum diseases, which usually develop in your mouth and spread to gums and teeth to a point where extraction becomes mandatory in order to control the damage from spreading further. Our dentists at Lotus Dental Group conduct tooth extractions only when absolutely necessary. In cases of impacted third molars (wisdom teeth), we recommend extractions as the impacted molars can cause pain and discomfort. Guidance is also provided by the dentist in order to prevent additional oral problems.

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Tooth Extraction in Campbell, CaliforniaTooth Extraction in Campbell, CA

Tooth Extraction in CampbellTooth Extraction Campbell, California