Bonded Fillings in Campbell, California

Natural/“Tooth-Colored” Dental Fillings

It is difficult to cope with dental trauma or an injured tooth as the pain can be very difficult do bear. Cavities leave your teeth damaged and it is necessary to treat them by way of bonded fillings. Lotus Dental Group in Campbell, provides bonded fillings to treat injured teeth.

Bonded fillings are resins that are placed over damaged areas of teeth. They are unnoticeable, unlike metal fillings, which often cause teeth to look unpleasant- bonded fillings are customized to match the color and tone of your teeth. Bonded fillings create a bond between the filling and the damaged tooth’s enamel, keeping them glued for a lifetime, if proper oral hygiene is practiced at home.

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Bonded Fillings in Campbell CABonded Fillings in Campbell