Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Campbell, CA

White Dental Fillings - Campbell California

At Lotus Dental Group, we provide amalgam-free fillings as an alternative to metal or silver fillings for patients preferring mercury free fillings.

Owing to today’s advancements in technology and modern dental practices, Dr. Prathima Chawla and her team use amalgam-free restorative methods such as composite or white fillings in dental procedures so that the aesthetic value of every smile is well-maintained and can live up to its potential. Further, composite fillings can be modified to replicate the color and tone of your teeth’s enamel, providing you with an absolutely natural appearance. In case you are looking for a replacement for your metal fillings then call or visit our dental clinic in Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA

Our team will help you get rid of those unpleasant metal fillings and can effectively restore your teeth with a composite, amalgam-free, filling.

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Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Campbell, CA   Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Campbell