You can use salt water has a wide variety of helpful benefits.

You can gargle it to heal a sore throat, canker sore or even to help cure bad breath.

But is it really effective for all these things?

Are These 5 Habits Wrecking Your Teeth?

You practice good oral hygiene: You brush twice a day, floss daily, and see your dentist every year. First of all, good job and keep it up!

But you may be surprised to learn that you might also have some bad habits that can be damaging your oral health.

What are these bad habits?

Read on to find out…

Imagine, you’re sitting at the restaurant with your gorgeous new date.

You’re both laughing and having a great time.

Everything is going perfectly.

When it suddenly hits you… Your breath smells!

Maybe it was the onions you ate for lunch, or the maybe it was the coffee you had after work.
But you know at this moment, you have to get rid of the stank before your date realizes and runs for the hills.

So what can you do?

You know how you should brush after every meal? Actually, you don’t. Sugar isn’t the main cause of cavities. And bleaching doesn’t weaken your teeth. With so many misconceptions surrounding dental health, it’s not surprising that we’ve made up a few myths over the years to explain our dental issues. So why do we believe these myths? We usually heard them from somewhere, and they get repeated over and over again that we just take them for face value. But when it comes to your dental health, having false information can be dangerous. For your benefit, we have debunked four of the most common dental myths below:

Top 10 foods that will rot your teeth


Although your dentist can easily fix any cavities, stains, or teeth issues you may have, it's better (and cheaper!) to prevent these in the first place, by properly brushing, flossing, and most importantly, eating right. Believe it or not, the food we eat has a big impact on the health of our teeth. This guide will give you a list of foods to watch out for.

Brushing your teeth seems like a fairly simple task right? After all, you’ve been doing it every day since you were a child. Well, turns out most people aren’t very good at brushing their teeth.

As with any habit, teeth brushing can become tedious. You can go through the motions without thinking about whether or not you’re using the proper technique. But improper brushing can lead to bigger problems, such as cavities, enamel erosion and gum disease. So find what you’re doing wrong and learn how to correct those bad brushing habits.

Much like the tic-tac-toe, good dental habits come in three.

Proper brushing and flossing is crucial towards keeping your children’s teeth healthy and strong. But mouthwash also plays an important role. 

We found this great article on the effectiveness of red wine in preventing cavities, check it out!

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